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 ul. Rataje 

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Street Workout + Parkour


The project in Rataje in Poznań is a combination of street workout and parkour sets, where both of them are a part of one sport and recreation space. The part of the street workout is characterized by an atypical layout, which consists of two semicircular elements of the bars connected to each other, supplemented with free-standing low rails and two types of parallel rails. In addition, the set includes: gymnastic rings, a horizontal ladder, a "snake" bar and sets of straight bars at different levels.

We built the parkour zone from walls, low walls and low obstacles of various sizes made of concrete with a texture of OSB board, characterized by anti-slip properties. It is a solution that is very popular and is even expected by parkour enthusiasts. We supplemented the obstacles with elements in the form of steel columns and bars.

The whole was made on a poured, safe polyurethane surface. For each of the zones there was used a different color of the surface.


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