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1Move Sp. z o.o. is a combination of inspiration, talent and willingness to work. The company was founded in 2014 on the initiative of one of the employees who infected our boss with this idea. Several years of shared experience and mutual trust resulted in a new economic entity that continues to develop successively to this day.

1Move brings together young people with great enthusiasm for work. Our team consists of specialists who know and understand the needs of users. Thanks to this, it is easier for us to design equipments and build functional and safe exercise areas.

We give our best to implement our ideas and at the same time make dreams come true.

This company proves that it is possible to combine passion with everyday work. Because to want is to suceed:

  • we want to create functional and safe sports and recreation areas
  • we want to be recognizable in the environment of both practitioners and investors
  • we want to set an example of how sports and recreational areas should be built in public space
  • we want to be a reliable partner for companies and institutions.

Our solutions

Plastic lamellas

The lamellas in our trampoline mats are made of the most durable material available on the market, not only is it resistant to impact and static loads, but it also displays excellent tensile strenght.

Shock-absorbing surface

It is made of a proprietary blend of EPDM - many times more durable than SBR. The uniform material is directly poured on the mat structure, which ensures its better adhesion than in the case of spot gluing of the finished panels.



Structural elements of the mat

The ropes and other metal elements of the mat are made of stainless steel, ensuring their resistance to corrosion.

Springs for trampolines

Designed and manufactured especially for our trampolines. Their durability is confirmed not only by tests, but also many years of trouble-free use.



Special paint

In the premium version of our equipments, we use special, scratch-resistant structural paints with an original texture.




Made of stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized.

HDPE seats and feet

Seats, feet and other complementary elements are optionally made of HDPE material in various color options.

Nonslip surface

HEX nonslip surface, 18 mm thick

Stainless steel bars

At the customer's request, we make stainless steel street workout bars, which guarantee durability for years.

Stainless steel seats

Standard in our premium version of fitness equipment. Aesthetic and durable, perfect protection against corrosion, with no problem of paint peeling as a result of frequent use.

Bars with clamping rings

Mounting bars for street workout based on clamps enable future modernization and expansion, and they facilitate service.

Hot dip galvanized bars

As standard, the bars are protected against corrosion with hot-dip galvanization, which eliminates the problem of paint peeling when used frequently.

Gymnastic rings

They are made of stainless steel, in two possible versions of hanging on belts or chains.

Concrete obstacles

Prefabricated, ready to be placed, reinforced concrete obstacles C25 / 30.

Obstacles made from EDPM

We make low parkour obstacles made from EDPM and SBR.

Dedicated packaging

If necessary, our equipments are packed in boxes suitable for sea or road transport in accordance with the requirements of international transport.



















Individual approach



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