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Unlimited expansion, the most flexible solution on the market.

Horizontal Ladder


High Bars

1M- 1.03

Vertical ladder


Viper Bar


Straight Parallel Bars


Low Handlebars


Inclined Handlebars


Inclined Bench


Gymnastic Rings

1M-1.08 S

Climbing Rope


Pole Dance

1M - 1.19

Gymnastic Rings on the Bar

1M - 1. 08.A-B


1M - 1.13

Individual approach

More and more often on the market we encounter situations in which standard solutions are not enough, and street furniture and solutions used in playgrounds or sports and recreation can support or make the investment attractive. As a direct and specialized manufacturer, we follow the latest global trends and meet these expectations.

Premium solutions

At the customer's request, we make sets in which the bars are covered with high scratch resistance structural paint of an interesting rare color and texture. As one of the few on the market, we produce bars and other elements for exercises and joins made of stainless steel.


Application and info kiosks

In the digital age, when people do not part with their smartphone, we can supplement the set with an access to a mobile application with exercises. 1Move is a pioneer on the market in the use of Info Kiosks with dedicated software.


Sets with sound systems

The most numerous group of users of our ladders and bars are young people, who often cannot imagine training without music. To meet these expectations, we make loudspeakers resistant to external conditions. They can be activated by phone or other mobile devices.


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