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Street Workout + Parkour+Gym


In 2019, at the local amphitheater, we implemented a sports and recreation area consisting of a street workout, parkour and an outdoor gym. The street workout layout is designed in the shape of the letter "L". On the long side, we have placed three sections of high poles, ladders: vertical, horizontal and oblique, a "snake" type bar and stations: with a punching bag, pole dance and gymnastic wheels in the version on poles. The shorter side creates a set of lower bars and a stand with an inclined bench. On the opposite side of the this fitness area there are two stations with low handrails and low black EPDM rubber obstacles.


The unusual parkour is designed in the shape of a quarter circle. It is a compact system of concrete and steel obstacles with balanced proportions. In the central point we have placed an unusual section with oblique bars. The whole is complemented by further low obstacles made of EPDM and concrete.

The safe surface is made of poured red polyurethane, which contrasts well with the black elements of the structure.


The outdoor gym area includes nine workstations for exercising all body parts. Some devices can be used to warm up and stretch. The combination of a gym, street workouts and parkour creates a wide range of possibilities. It is a place where everyone can find something for themselves, regardless of age or level of fitness.



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