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Cadet Obstacle Course Set


The second of our obstacle courses, which can also be used as a traditional street workout. It was designed in the shape of a large corner. The course is opened by a position with a chin-up rope connected to two bars, 1.2 meters long. Another obstacle is a horizontal ladder, behind which we located three crossbars. This can be used as an area of low straight handrails. Then there is a wall with an anti-skid plate to overcome. Behind the wall there is a zone of low obstacles in the form of wide cylinders, which can be made of concrete or rubber by us. The course ends with a street workout set containing: two 2-meter-long "viper" bars and two 1.5-meter-long bars. In the central point we have placed another horizontal ladder. This street workout allows you to perform almost all exercises. The set comes with the instruction board and the rules sign of the workout area.


The required safe surface:  minimum 40 cm thick, e.g. bark, shavings, sand, gravel, polyurethane surfaces, SBR / EPDM tiles, safer grass mats, rubber mulch.


Free fall height

2,40 m 

Dimensions (length / width / height)

17,05 x 14,56 x 3,44 m

Safety zone

21,25 x 18,76 m (over 370,16 m2)

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