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The implementation in Szczecin is an example of the fact that our solutions can be for everyone. We have created a small, integrative exercise area there, where a boy in a wheelchair exercises every day. When creating this place, we used various types of devices from our offer. We divided the area into three zones with different types of surface to allow wheelchair access. On the gray cobblestones there are outdoor gym devices: shoulder press and chest press, Tai Chi wheels and double wheels. In the central part there is an integration trampoline with a special ramp that is adapted to wheelchairs, a set of three round trampolines, low bars and a vertical ladder. We used hypertrophic mats as a shock-absorbing surface. The height of individual elements has been adjusted to the needs of wheelchair users. On the sand surface, there is a small street workout set, the height of which has been adapted to the age of primary school students, and some of our low rubber obstacles. To differentiate the zones, we used two color variants of individual stands.


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