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Parkour Parks

In the urban jungle, there should be places for those who are looking for extreme challenges. "Flying around the city", not necessarily in a conventional way, is becoming more and more popular. If you want to meet the growing group of parkour or freerun enthusiasts and be ahead of others, this type of investment is the right direction. With us, you will design and implement a space where everyone will be able to develop their passion for adventure and activity.

Depending on the needs, we have two variants of execution. Drawing on our considerable experience in design and implementation, we make every effort to build a creative space for parkour training even for the most experienced in this field. By working with 1Move, there is a good chance that you will create something for your community that it is waiting for.



Parkour Wall


Parkour Plus Wall


Small Zigzag Parkour Wall


Mini Parkour Set


Start Parkour Set


Start Plus Parkour Set


Runner Parkour Set


Adept Parkour Set


Cadet Parkour Set


K2 Parkour Set


Multi Style Parkour Set


Urban Jungle Parkour Park


Save time and avoid problems - design and build with one contractor



A specialized manufacturer

As a direct and highly specialized manufacturer, we offer an individual approach to each project. When proposing our solutions, we take into account the specificity of the location, the needs of potential users and budget possibilities. In the Parkour spaces we create, we use obstacles made of:


Concrete and galvanized steel obstacles

Prefabricated, ready-to-dig obstacles are made of reinforced concrete C25 / 30 or built by us from scratch at the investment place. The walls have a special, non-slip "OSB board" texture, which is the standard of this type of solutions for the needs of the parkour. The advantage of this type of obstacles is their water resistance and durability for years.


Plywood or EPDM material walls

A lightweight solution that allows easy modification and installation. It is perfect where there is no possibility of heavy equipment entering. Ready to lay foundations, prefabricated walls are relatively cheap to transport. By using the right choice of colors, we can create interesting visual solutions.


Low obstacles

Low obstacles from the proprietary, specially developed for the needs of parkour spaces, EPDM compound is a flexible solution with wide possibilities of individualisation in terms of size, shape and color. They perfectly diversify any investment.


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