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Mini Parkour Set


A small, two-piece set, in a rectangular field. The first module consists of a 2.0-meter-high inclined wall connected to a single set of obstacles in the form of cross-bars made of hot-dip galvanized steel, hung at a height of approximately 1.2 and 0.9 meters. The length of the bars is 1.2 meters. The second module is a combination of a 1.0 meter high zigzag low wall system, complemented by steel crossbars hung at a height of 80 and 90 centimeters. The set is used in places where on one side we are limited by space.

The walls are available in two technological versions:

• P01b, where the walls are made of ready-to-install precast concrete elements or C20 / 25 concrete, poured at the installation site and milled edges.

• P01s, in this case, the structure is made of painted steel profiles and weather-resistant anti-slip plywood.

It allows you to practice jumps, including precision jumps, wall climbs, landing techniques, Monkey, Lazy, Underbar vaults and jump over a longitudinal Kong-type obstacle. The set allows you to perform some exercises typical for street workouts. At this parkour no more than three people can exercise at the same time.


Dedicated surface: : soil, turf, lawn, polyurethane surfaces, SBR / EPDM tiles, safer grass mats, bark, artificial grass, rubber mulch. Loose surfaces such as: sand, gravel, shavings are acceptable but not recommended due to the comfort of exercise and safety.



Safety zone:

5,96 x 10,79 m (over 56,39 m2)

Dimensions (length / width / height)

2,35 x 7,45 x 2,0 m

Free fall height:

2,0 m 

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