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Cadet Parkour Set


A medium-sized set with walls arranged in two lines - one around the other. This arrangement creates a system that can be a spiral obstacle course. Parkour has five different wall heights and eight levels of hanging steel crossbars. Noteworthy is the unusual stand with the poles arranged at an angle to each other. The whole is complemented by two low rollers, which can be made of concrete or SBR rubber or EPDM.

The walls are available in two technological versions:

• P01b, where the walls are made of ready-to-install precast concrete elements or C20 / 25 concrete, poured at the installation site and milled edges.

• P01s, in this case, the structure is made of painted steel profiles and weather-resistant anti-slip plywood.

The whole allows you to do almost all popular exercises. Up to six users can train at the parkour at the same time.



Dedicated surface: : soil, turf, lawn, polyurethane surfaces, SBR / EPDM tiles, safer grass mats, bark, artificial grass, rubber mulch. Loose surfaces such as: sand, gravel, shavings are acceptable but not recommended due to the comfort of exercise and safety.


Safety zone:

 10,20 x 7,82 m (over 74,68 m2)

Dimensions (length / width / height)

7,20 x 4,86 x 2,0 m

Free fall height:

2,00 m 

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